Our Story: The Meeting

On Sunday, May 6, 2001, Christine arrived at the Dr. Pepper Starcenter in Euless with her roommate Holli and her friend Shawna for her co-ed team's hockey practice. As they were walking towards the locker room, Christine noticed a guy (who, as it turned out, was Greg) sitting in the lobby area watching TV. They went over and introduced themselves to him.

The practice went under way. Christine and Shawna were assigned to scrimmage against a majority of the team. Christine managed to score against Holli. Greg took notice of it, and went over to congratulate Christine on the goal. Apparently Christine didn't hear Greg's congratulations, and skated away.

After the practice, everybody went upstairs to the bar to hang out. Greg took this time to visit with Christine. He impressed her with various Cantonese phrases that he had learned from his friend Brenda. Christine was taken by Greg's talent, and got his business card so she could email him later.

Still captivated by the previous night's encounter, Christine spent most of Monday morning debating whether she ought to email Greg. She finally mustered enough courage to email him at about 2pm. The rest of the afternoon went by relatively quickly for her, even though there was no reply from Greg.

As it turned out, Greg mentioned to Brenda Monday morning that he had met this Chinese girl who played on his hockey team. He went home early on Monday because he wasn't feeling well. Little did he know, there was an email from his future wife waiting for him when he went back to work on Tuesday.

Numerous emails were exchanged in the weeks to come. Greg accompanied Christine to various parties, etc. He even came to help Christine's best friend Jodie move on Saturday, May 19, 2001. That very same night of the move, they attended Christine's friend Luci's birthday party. They really hit it off that night, and officially began dating. The rest is history.

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