Our Demanding Kitties

Ice cream!At home, we report to two very demanding kitties (is there any other kind?). Jerry and Benny are litter mates. They've been around awhile (since May 1997). For some reason, they still act like little kittens.

Jerry's Story

JerryThis really nice man found me and my brothers and sisters in a cardboard box at the parking garage at his office. But his wife was pregnant and she was allergic to kitties, so he had to find us a new home. Our Daddy came by the Petsmart that we were at, and took me and my brother (he started calling him Benny, and me Jerry for some reason) home. We ate, ran around the dining room in our new house, and then slept a lot (we were quite tired). The first night we were there, we played hide and seek with Daddy, but he finally found us in a cabinet.

I remember when our Mommy started coming over to visit. At first, I wasn't so sure about her. In fact, I think I hid under Daddy's bed the first time Mommy came to visit. But I started to warm up to Mommy after awhile. She would always come and pet me whenever she comes over. Now Mommy's here all the time to play with me, and I like to sleep on her legs when we go to bed. That's the best part of my day.

Benny's Story

BennyI remember that I was the littlest one out of all my brothers and sisters, and I always wanted to be like Jerry. But there were always things that Jerry did that I can't do. When Daddy came to bring us home for the first time, we were so happy that we played and played and played all day.

I was never really shy around strangers. When Mommy first came over, I made sure to go to see what it was all about. She petted me, and I went and told Jerry that it was okay to come out from underneath the bed. Mommy and Daddy take really good care of me and Jerry.

My favorite things to do are to play, sleep, and eat (in order of least important to most important). We're now living in a place where we can go outside to watch other people go by in what Mommy and Daddy call "cars." It's a lot of fun, but I think Jerry is a little bit skiddish about that still.